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  • What is the Purpose of Life?

  • Do you have an Immortal Soul?

  • Is there evidence of a Higher Intelligence?

  • Can you manifest the reality of your dreams?

  • When you die, do all your experiences and memories simply vanish?

Discover the answers to these questions, and many other fascinating insights on consciousness, the spiritual dimension, and the quantum realities of the physical world in the thought-provoking new book by Dan Lux. Refreshing witty and easy to understand concepts will blow your mind and expand your spiritual awareness.

“This book has taken a place among my favorite books! It gave me so much to think about. The concepts in it simply blew my mind.”

"This book is incredible, I love all of this! Reading it refreshed my memory of why I'm here. Thank you. Brilliant work Dan Lux, bravo! You're so talented and creative to say the least."

I was so engrossed in reading this book I ended up skipped my workout and dinner! LOL! I didn't even feel hungry!

"This is a GREAT f-ing book! WOW! I love the conversational writing style! I just love it...great info!"

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“After reading this book it was like I felt myself being reborn! I can’t say it enough, Dan Lux thank you for this amazing book!”

"Talking about goosebumps, I kept getting them as I read different topics. It's so fascinating and intriguing. I loved it!!"

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