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BOOK REVIEW by Victor Martinez


I just can't begin to say enough nor sing enough praise for author Dan Lux's ground-breaking new book, "SOUL SCHOOL: The Purpose of Life Revealed." Not since the April 1991 publication of "The HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE" by the late author Michael Talbot has a book had the potential to give us a new view of reality just as Talbot's book did nearly 30 years ago. Many feel that Talbot's book earned a sort of iconic status as the genesis for the "holo" movement which gave us all a new view of our current "reality" as merely a [holographic] projection from a level of reality so far beyond our own that it transcends both space and time.


Much too often the phrase "ground-breaking" is thrown out as a label for something that is really NOT "ground-breaking," but in this case, it really deserves that descriptor! "Ground-breaking" in what sense you ask? Well, I am very well versed in ALL of the major works written on the subject of reincarnation and afterlife studies.


However, this book "SOUL SCHOOL" by author Lux is different from ALL of the others in this sense: He does something I've never seen done before in any of the major works on this subject: He combines everything that science, religion and metaphysics/ancient mysticism teach us about the soul-mind-body connection known as "contemplative neuroscience."


Even though Lux's formal education is as an engineer, followed by a successful career in the entertainment industry, he could've added "attorney" to his resume as he first builds a clear and convincing case for an intelligent designer -- I call it the "Prime Architect" -- as being responsible for all that we see and that we can NOT see ... the so-called afterlife!


He does so by taking us all on a trip down memory lane to our high school freshman year IPS class: Introductory to Physical Science where we are given a detailed overview of protons, neutrons, electrons in the atom and the broad overall picture of the atomic and extremely complex cellular/DNA structures which comprise everything in the physical universe ... did it all really come together in such perfect harmony by accident OR was there an intelligent, guiding hand/force behind it?!


This is the science portion which is addressed in a clear, concise and very convincing manner which supports intelligent design. And then, of course, the greatest miracle of all is discussed at length: The creation of the human form w/ its accompanying spiritual body, the soul.


The human "chakras," energy fields (the human aura), the soul/spiritual body and how it interacts/interfaces w/ the physical body/container/vessel that its assigned to for a particular lifetime are detailed in depth ... this covers the ancient mysticism/New Age train of thought.


Rather than attacking any of the established Abrahamic religions -- Christianity, Judaism and Islam -- he addresses some of their basic tenets, e.g., their belief in "Heaven," "Hell," as real places by offering the views of reincarnation and how it handles such subjects. In fact, Lux devotes an entire section in Chapter 7 to "Hell on Earth."


Further addressing how the Abrahamic religions view the afterlife, Lux goes on to provide five (5) very powerful, compelling and convincing cases for the Transmigration of the Soul ... REINCARNATION. And one (1) of the cases is very personal for the author as it involves himself ... a truly riveting, captivating and convincing account. Lux states that: "I've tasked myself with providing some genuine and irrefutable evidence supporting reincarnation" (p. 234).


And in my view, he very convincingly has to the point where this quotation is very timely, applicable and appropriate: "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." Sir Arthur Canon Doyle, "The Sign of The Four," 1890, Chapter 6, Sherlock Homes series of stories.


Now, Lux has covered the religious aspect of contemplative neuroscience. However, for me, I need something MUCH more than a recitation of cases of reincarnation as I've read a zillion; and I've read a zillion cases of past lives -- the life between lives -- as obtained under hypnotic regression, so nothing new there.


For a book to "hit it out of the ballpark" for me, I need to read and learn something NEW that I have never read before in any previous book w/ a similar theme. And I learned four (4) gold nuggets of new information from "SOUL SCHOOL" which is why I tell people that Lux hit a "grand slam" with his tour de force book!


The four (4) subject areas w/ questions asked and answered are:

1) Who calls it quits: the soul or the container it's encased in? In other words, is it the soul who says one day: "Hey, the vessel I'm inhabiting is too old and breaking down too often now, so that any new life lessons I can learn are now severely impaired," OR is it the human body who calls it quits and says: "I wanna get outta here!" TIP: You'll have to read the book for the answer! NOTE: This does NOT include suicide which is determined solely by the often-times, self-destructive human vessel.


2) We've all heard that some discarnate/disembodied entities -- "ghosts" -- have the ability to project themselves on this plane of existence while still retaining a diaphanous-like appearance to the viewer, but how is this accomplished?!


Dan Lux explains in detail the specific spiritual mechanics how this projection from a low density, high frequency and vibrating realm is accomplished on the high density, low frequency and vibrating plane of Earth. HINT: You'll have to read the book for the answer!


3) The subject of DREAMS has been a subject that's been hotly debated in academic circles for decades w/ all theories, but none are accepted as "fact" in a universal way. Lux proposes his own theory and he does so from a perspective that I've never read/seen before in any periodicals which really says something as I am a prolific reader of this type of subject matter and the peripheral subjects which fall well within its penumbra.


The occurrence of phantasmagoria which many experience -- especially during states of lucid dreaming -- and leave those having one w/ more questions than answers is thoroughly addressed. I believe that author Lux has come up with THE answer to explain WHY we dream and what they're all about! Talk about someone who can and DOES "think outside of the box!" So, do you really wanna know?! CLUE: You'll have to read the book for the answer!


4) Only two (2) Earth-based and born souls have ever been able to walk/toggle between this plane of existence and the so-called "afterlife" by simply changing/adjusting their vibrating frequency ... absolutely fascinating! And those two (2) historic figures are ... ?! WHISPER: You'll have to read the book for the answer!


Lastly, a good part of the last portion of his book is almost a self-help section where the reader is strongly encouraged to delve into or at least seriously look at meditation as a way of connecting w/ one's oversoul/higher self left in the afterlife as well as employing "visualization" as a means of achieving one's everyday problems/challenges and seeing a desirable outcome. The author even offers his own technique he's developed over the
years and shares it w/ his readers.


In my view, author Dan Lux has written a life-changing book for anyone who immerses themselves into his in-depth, comprehensive and exhaustive work. Two elements are clearly present when reading his book:


1) Just reading the self-help section only leads one to see that his purpose is to serve the greater good of humanity by improving our lot, and seeing his work as being a part of and serving something far greater than himself and his own self-interests;


2) He has a profound, thorough and deep-rooted understanding of the often-times dense material he has presented using clear and precise language w/ substantial background/ "prior knowledge" which provides the reader a richer, more fulfilling and engaging experience.


Science has served humanity extremely well in many ways especially in the area of medicine. Were it not for science, mankind would still be given large doses of snake oil, spider juice and rat tail soup as a "cure-all!"


However, science seems to have hit a roadblock when it comes to metaphysics and the study of quantum consciousness which appears to permeate the Universe and has embedded itself in EVERYthing from rocks/minerals -- in a latent form -- to self-consciousness ... human beings.


In his ground-breaking new book, author Dan Lux encourages ALL of you to take the baton from science from where it stops on the racetrack of learning and take it now as a torch for your own self-discovery of consciousness, self-study and growth, exploration and gaining a greater insight and understanding of how we fit into the "big picture" and see humanity's small, but very important role in an ever-changing and unfolding universe as our understanding and knowledge base is constantly evolving, progressing and advancing.


It was a great HONOR for ME to write this review for Dan as I witnessed his focused, dedicated and studied efforts in gathering his evidence for intelligent design and for the cycle of rebirth, then verifying and corroborating that information w/ accepted, valued and respected sources which gives his tour de force great CREDIBILITY, today's one and only true currency.


I know all of you will enjoy your lengthy learning journey and soul-searching, spiritual trek through his densely-packed, well-researched 425-page tome. Lux likens coming to Earth time after time as attending "soul school" or "Soul University" w/ Earth serving as its giant classroom. This harkens back to the days of grades 1-12 where we all had "lesson plans" [life lessons] given to us by our teachers.


Which just reminded me of something: "Hey, shouldn't all of you reading this review be getting on to class?! You wanna be tardy?! Now, get a movin' and purchase/read your required textbook SOUL SCHOOL before ya’ll get an 'F' for this incarnation!" -- -- VICTOR MARTINEZ, Seal Beach, CA



                          "A brilliant and entertaining romp across life’s key disciplines." -- B.K.

Dan is a brilliant thinker and inspired entertainer. While many of the ideas he pulls into this journey have been discussed many times before, he weaves them into a unique and compelling tapestry of life well worth reading. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to better understand himself or others.

5 Stars.png

                          "There is something in this book that almost anyone would enjoy!" -- Kat

This book was recommended to me by a friend, and since the majority of my reading tends to be for work, I don't end up reading many books. I can tell you I thoroughly enjoyed it! I read a little every day during lunch and as I was approaching the end, it left me wanting more. You will be enlightened, uplifted, intrigued, and given a little education after reading this book. I highly recommend it.


5 Stars.png

                          "The deepest questions you have about life are right here in this book." -- Mia

This is definitely a captivating, page-turning book that will take you on an incredible spiritual journey. It is chock-full of amazing scientific facts and variations of solid spiritual evidence that will give you goosebumps of enlightenment. You'll discover that you are more than just your body and that each and every one of us has the ability and power within us to create and manifest the life we desire. One of the things I love about this book is that it creates a feeling like you're in a classroom(a fun one) with a witty, charming, smart, and intelligent spiritual professor who fully unravels our deepest questions about the purpose of life to you page by page.

The plethora of invaluable and precious information in this book can have a positive impact on anyone's life, even for the skeptics! This is truly a good read and the author is brilliant. I must say I got quite a bit smarter and absolutely enlightened from beginning to the end of the book. The information I've acquired from this reading has a profound impact on me, it certainly heightens my level of consciousness and undoubtedly elevates me spiritually.

For anyone who ever has questions and yearns for a deeper understanding about life, our purpose and existence here on earth, this book will leave you with mind-blowing, in-depth information from science to spirituality that will reawaken your inner wisdom and takes you on a spiritual journey to self-discovery and soul evolution!

5 Stars.png

                          "A Valuable Perspective on the Scientific and Spiritual Aspects of our Reality!" -- Scott

Dan Lux has created something very special with this book. Very thoroughly researched, fantastically broad in scope, and incredibly accessible, the author's personality, wit, and intelligence come through on every page. Unafraid to jump from widely accepted scientific theories related to cosmology, particle physics, and quantum mechanics to perspectives and beliefs held by both the world's new age and ancient religions, he presents a hypothesis about the nature of reality that is interesting, entertaining, inspiring, and compelling. Regardless of your beliefs about why we are here, what our purpose is, and what is out there beyond our understanding, this is a very enjoyable read.

5 Stars.png
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