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Why you are here? What is the purpose of life? And what happens in the end, do all your experiences and memories simply vanish?

Is life merely the result of random chemical reactions evolved over billions of years? Or, is there more to it? Is there a greater reason?

“Soul School” is the perfect book for anyone questioning their purpose and yearning for deeper answers to the realities of the world. Refreshingly witty, thought-provoking journey from the first spark of life on Earth through to the after-life that unfolds like a giant jigsaw puzzle of provocative insights. You’ll discover:

  • The immortal energy giving life to your body

  • The existence of a Higher Intelligence

  • How to manifest the life of your dreams…and do it NOW!


A masterful weaving of science with deep spiritual knowledge, presented with fascinating evidence of a spiritual reality that’ll transform your life, alter your perception of who you truly are, and firmly place destiny back in your hands. You’ll never view the world the same again!

The Realities of Life Made Easy!

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